Zip Line Cable 25KN Dual Pulley




Zip Line Cable Trolley Outdoor Rock Climbing Pulley Block Dual Pulley 25kn / 5600lbs

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Dimension:4 1/4” x 3 1/4” x 1 1/4”(11 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm)

Maximum allowable speed: 25 m/s

Sheave mounted on self-lubricating bushings for efficiency

Attachment point accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use.

This trolley is made for running on steel cable, but can also be used on rope.

Closed Strength: 5600lbs / 25KN

For 5/16 – 3/8 – 7/16 or 1/2 inch Cables

Net Weight:0.288 kg

When you are out in the nature deftly overcoming the challenges, you may require host of tools and tackles for marching onwards. Zip Line Cable 25KN Dual Pulley is specially made light weight material handling equipment unlike what we ordinarily see in warehouses for easy carry by the sports lovers. It is effective for rock climbing or even camping excursions and can run on wire ropes as well nylon ropes.

The zip line consists of dual pulleys that have closed strength of 5600 lbs/25 KN. The over all dimensions of the tools is very sleek and measures 4.1/4”x 3.1/4” x 1.1/4” (11cm x 9cm x 3 cm) and the net weight is just 0.288 kg. The self lubricated bushes on which it is mounted allow for easy operations. You can attach up to three carabiners on this which extends its scope of use. understands the importance of these tools for the adventure sport lovers and the difficulty they have to source them in the market place. Through our site you can order the to us and we will deliver it to you free at your doorstep through our expeditious processing systems.


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